In Čenovice, we can get „something“ done. We pay a short visit to the mayoress Jitka. She is very welcoming. As for designing, there is nothing specific waiting for us and we are eager to give a helping hand with any exciting project. Together with two locals Matyář and Sam, we walk around the area and look for ways to make improvements. We talk everything through over a cup of tea in the evening and finally agree to take on the sightseeing deck with a great view above the village. Our intention is not to build a high seat but something completely new. We hang a wooden terrace in between the trees. Securing the ropes without appropriate equipment is no fun. The terrace is finally up in the air and stable. What an amazing view of an amazing landscape. Reports on the later fate of this platform are not very encouraging. A total of nearly one hundred meters of rope visible from the road presents the vision of an extra income, hence a great temptation for those passing by.

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