Studánka u Tachova

We receive an invitation to come and work at this small village by its enthusiastic mayor. We invite colleagues Marek and Milan with Kateřina to come with us. We arrive with our guest Marek Sivák and together open a discussion about cultivation of public space in Pilsen. We continue the discussion over a giant orthophotomap of Studánka. Ideas and topics start piling up and we have a lot to think and talk through. The mayor gives the entire community center ballroom to our disposal to work and sleep in. In Studánka, we plot on the map the already disappeared stream wells and try to tidy the streets by proposing a transportation solution. We also visit a couple of families whom we try to give a modest advice on what to do with their gardens and facades. It feels the mayor cares deeply for this village and we quickly feel at home. Step by step, we peek under the veil of relationships and stories and we love it. The only pub in town is owned by Emil Přikryl´s double. All the houses are covered with metal plates or cement on the side facing the west. We want to build something on our own because we are able to do that quickly. The mayor suggests building changing rooms by the pool. We show her the drawings of two pigs, she loves it, provides money and in two days, everything is already in place. One can spot two pigs grazing on the grass by the pool.



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Marek Šilar, Milan Valeš – guests colleagues


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