MAK is an architectural initiative that operates mostly in the public space. Caravan converted into a mobile architectural studio drives through villages, small towns and suburbs of the big cities. Architects Adam Wlazel and Katerina Videnova, usually together with invited guests, design improvements along with the local communities. They usually build the projects. On their trips they also organize accompanying cultural programe, such as lectures,discussions, exhibitions, film screenings, dinners or events for kids. But the main focus is always on the building workshop. MAK caravan started touring in 2013.
Adam and Katerina also design conventional architecture, both houses and interiors. They are based in Prague, Czech republic.


Potulní architekti / Náš Venkov – ČT2 / 12-10-2013

Lidové noviny – Pátek / 31.5.2013

Hospodářské noviny / 30.7.2013

Artikl / Mobilně a zadarmo / 24-09-2016

Plzeňský deník / 22-07-2014

Tachovký deník / 04-08-2014

Tachovký deník / 20-08-2014